Our Environmental Policies

These Policies shall apply to anyone of Excel Travel Ltd. We are dedicated to ensuring our operations products and services have a positive impact on the environment. 


To identify what we do now, what we can improve on and what we can ultimately strive to achieve our goal as far as is practically possible to create a paperless office by reducing it to 50% at the end of this year. 

General Practices

  • Provide staff with a basic knowledge of the Environmental Legislation that affects tourism industry. 

  • Provide significant information to increase staff knowledge about reducing the environmental impact of our business through Admin Hub. 

  • Motivate Staff to actively seeking new ways to reduce the environmental impact without compromising service. At the same time, complying with all legislative or regulatory requirements of New Zealand Government Environmental Law. 

Workplace Practices

  • Management and staff participation in establishing unique environmental goal and a system of recognition.  

  • New employees being advised at induction of our company’s commitment to the environment. 

  • On-going training and support will be provided to staff enabling them to achieve our environmental targets. 

  • The promotion of environmentally friendly methods of transport to work and during work. 

  • Train Staff on environmental awareness and are encouraged to proactively save water and energy consumption, ensure lowest possible emissions. 

  • Support Staff to Invest and be involved in community projects. 

Waste Management

  • We encourage recycling or reuse papers, plastics, glass, and scrap boxes & packs. We encourage unnecessary paper use by promoting double sided documents. 

  • We encourage recycling facilities such as office furniture and computer gadgets. We promote keeping files on computers where possible. 

  • We are resolute in identifying, and acting on, further areas of environmental benefit.